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Some of our happy customers: 

Skip's Meat Market-Covid-19 Response
Social Media and Public Relations

March: Skip's is one of our favorite small businesses in Rochester, and during such extraordinary circumstances we wanted to make sure it stayed running smoothly with consistent revenue. Our fast strategy-adjustment process and positive promotional sales tactics allowed Skip's social media engagement to increase by a whopping 401% during the month of March. Check it out in the full report, HERE!

April & May: Following the promotions for safety precautions and curbside pickup in March, we started promoting call ahead orders and eventually re-opened the shop for walk-in orders! By reminding customers to continue to practice social distancing guidelines inside the shop, alongside the product promotion, we managed to increase their social media engagement by 87% during an unsteady time period when meat prices were high, due to the meat shortage. See more details in the full report, HERE. 

Press Release: Local butcher shops faced the most fallback* in March due to grocers and retailers struggling to keep up with the demand for their meat and poultry. Our press release highlights owner, Steve Pink's commitment to serving his customers with the same quality service that they deserve, despite the circumstances. Steve was interviewed by a local news station in light of the meat shortage, see what he has to say:


After reaching nearly 6 million impressions on social media, you could say we made sure the Rochester Airshow took flight! Check out our vlog channel on Youtube to see Bre fly her first plane and interviews with County Executives and Veterans involved with Honor Flight Rochester, the ROC airshow charity of choice!


“Let's show our respect for those who fly these every day, the veterans who serve, those who will serve, and to inspire an entire generation with opportunities” -Todd Cameron, Founder/Owner of OnCore Aviation.

You can view the entire final report HERE!

Social Media
Rochester International Airshow
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Operation Thanks From Above & The National Warplane Museum
Social Media & Public Relations 

We received a call from our friends at The National Warplane Museum with the invitation to manage the PR and social media for a tribute they were putting together called: Operation Thanks From Above. The goal was to honor first-responders, medical personnel and essential workers who selflessly gave of themselves during the COVID-19 pandemic. We loved the idea and immediately jumped on board. Fast forward and we ended up executing 2 flyover operations in just 39 days. The response from the community and local media was overwhelming and the final numbers are truly remarkable. 86 million total media reach, 5.9 million social share reach, and a dollar value of media exposure of: $749 thousand dollars. Additionally, the story was picked up by Fox News Sunday Morning and The Weather Channel! (Woot woot!)

Here's one of our favorite news features from AOPA

You can view the entire final report HERE, complete with all of the links to the media kits and materials that we put together for each mission! 

ThermApparel came to us with a common problem that we see among many of our customers. They have a GREAT product and brand, but, need to spread the word and increase their visibility in the marketplace! After many brainstorming sessions and strategizing, we put together a comprehensive PR campaign for them as well as a social media campaign to compliment the public relations efforts. 

This is still an ongoing campaign that we are working on for ThermApparel but, here's some more details...The first market that we are focused on is a broad market, reaching out to national media. The release highlights the importance of staying safe from heat related illness and death, given the hot temps and requirement to wear a face covering when in public. More and more people are spending time outside(since it's the safest place) and are also trying to stay cool! This campaign caught the attention of popular on-air personality, Barbara Majeski  and she featured the ThermApparel UnderCool cooling vest on a segment of Fox 5 Good Day New York



We will continue PR efforts by leveraging that TV appearance to gain further coverage! We will also move forward with 2 other targeted campaigns, one focused on the medical market and another on the gardening market. More to come on the success of those campaigns! 


Social Media: 

Check out the ThermApparel FB page. We manage their social media strategy and execute the campaigns based on their overall goals and objectives. Each month, we create a detailed editorial calendar that outlines what topics we will be posting about and when! We communicate the plans with the client and execute the campaign on their behalf! You can see some of the actual numbers in our June and July reports below: 

June social media report 

July social media report 

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Public Relations
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Amazing Spaces
Public Relations and Blogging

Amazing Spaces Storage Centers® are beautifully designed, upscale stores that provide individuals and businesses with multi-faceted storage solutions. Their well-appointed properties take self storage to a new level of design and amenities with features that include enhanced security, and one-stop shopping convenience.

Amazing Spaces sought support in the form of a blog content and press release writer. As a result, the B. Mor team manages the Amazing Spaces blog editorial calendar and content and also supports the marketing staff with PR efforts, as needed. You can see an example of a press release that we wrote for them, HERE.


You can check out their blog content which is managed and created by B. Mor, HERE!


Amazing Spaces Storage Centers® is one of the most highly recognized in Google search results for the greater Houston area appearing within the first three box results and on the first page. Through the help of this successful, ongoing campaign, they are now properly positioned in their market as the leading storage center.  Did you know... “Companies that have blogs generate 67% more leads per month than companies who don’t have blogs- and companies have noticed. Blogs account for 434% more of indexed pages on Google.” -Crowdspring 

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Madonna Medical Spa
Marketing Collateral

Madonna OBGYN wanted to expand their services through the launch of a medical spa to compliment their current practice. They wanted to do so with a cohesive brand strategy and soft launch that allowed their current customers to best understand their new offerings and commitment to overall health, from the inside out.


They wanted a solution to their mismatched marketing messaging, strategy and materials. They had various marketing materials portraying inconsistent brand identity through differing taglines and logos.


We crafted a customized brand strategy and plan to create a cohesive brand between the OBGYN practice and the medical spa. Madonna Medical Spa has accomplished their goals of creating a cohesive brand strategy for the launch of their additional services through their medical spa practice. They have also increased current patient awareness and interest in their medical spa  through clear and concise messaging.

Through this successful campaign, they are now properly positioned in their market as the leading provider of women’s healthcare in the greater Rochester area.

We created the following for them: 

  • Two new logos. One for use exclusively by the medical spa that best represented their brand and vision. The other logo included both the medical spa and OBGYN practice to be used on appropriate materials to provide brand unity.  

  • New brand content and verbiage was curated to best articulate the medical spa service offerings and it’s complimentary services to the women’s healthcare provided by the OBGYN practice.

  • New marketing collateral was designed and content was written in the form of a tri-fold brochure, 1-page flyer and rack card with more information about their VIP program.

  • Large corrugated posters were designed and printed to display upon entering the OBGYN and medical spa practice.

  • An updated, comprehensive services and cost list were created to align with overall brand and offerings.

  • Individual business cards were crafted to further enforce overall brand awareness across both the OBGYN and medical spa practice. (See below)

  • Marketing promotional products were selected and customized to be distributed to VIP members at monthly private events. Products included pens, lip balm, branded bags, and nail files.  (See below)